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GuangDong Chigo Air Conditioning CO.LTD

Company Introduction

GUANGDONG CHIGO AIR CONDITIONING CO., LTD.(Listing members of the Group, Stock Code: 449.HK)established in 1994 and located in a famous Chinese industrial city Foshan. We are a big modern enterprise and mainly engage in designing, R&D, manufacturing AC as well as distributing AC domestically and internationally...


Wall Split type CS-35H3-M133AH5A
Wall Split type CS-35H3-V133AH5C
Wall Split type CS-35C3-V133AH5F
Window Type CW-35C3-P07A
Window Type CW-32C3-P07A
Window Type CW-25C3-N07A
Portable Type CP-35H3-J17A
Portable Type CP-25E3-H16A
Portable Type CP-25C3-H16A